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Breathing Vincent

Feature length screenplay

Status: Available


What is 'abnormal' anyway?

For some, 'abnormal' is an insignificant facial tic. For others, it's a full blown attack of paranoia. In Abby's case, however, it's all relative.

As the daughter of a mental patient, Abby believes it is only a matter of time before she steps into her mother's shoes. The persistent hallucination of an imaginary person foredooms a gray future for which she has neither map nor compass.

Abby does have one thing going for her though. She's going crazy in Hollywood. And in Tinseltown, that's a rite of passage.

-- This script is no longer available for download on Last status before deletion was: STATUS: 790 of 3,315 on 1/16/09.

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Dear Diary
Feature length screenplay

Status: Available


When Carlie discovers her mother's old diary, tales of lost love written inside the journal lead Carlie on a quest that will turn both of their lives upside down.


The Man Upstairs
Feature length screenplay

Status: SOLD.

Logline: When a family arrives to claim an inherited house, the mission to bring the house back to its former glory becomes riddled with rusty nails, nosy neighbors and a life changing decision that will force them to re-appraise the world around them.


Feature length screenplay

Status: For Sale/Synopsis Available

Logline: A woman begrudgingly returns East through dangerous territory to recover a damaged supply wagon separated from their wagon train headed West.


Feature length screenplay

Status: For Sale/In revision

Logline: A former thief is set up by his old partner to steal a child for a corporate thug caught up in a dirty public divorce.


The Boys of Wake Island
Feature Screenplay Treatment
Young Adult Drama

Status: For Sale/Treatment Available

Logline: Life on Wake Island made Jimmy a man.

Based on the book: A Little Piece of Heaven “Growing up on Wake Island” by Jim Kilpatrick.
(Rights have been obtained)


The Dog Girl
Television Series

Status: For Sale/Treatment Available

Logline: Follow Cassandra Creech, an out-of-work actor and Hollywood’s best kept secret in the world of dog training as she wrestles big angry dogs, high strung clients, and a sex life polluted with bartenders, neurotic actors, and the occasional ex-con. (Rights have been obtained).


Aisle 2B
Web Series

Status: For Sale
One Sheet and Pilot Available

Logline: Five young employees of a small grocery store struggle to live out their dreams completely unaware that the frozen food aisle is a portal to a parallel universe.


Middle Ground
Short Screenplay: 5-8 minutes

Status: For Sale

Logline: When Robert and Brenda met, they thought they had nothing in common...

They were wrong.

Reader comments :

"I think this is really cute..." Adryenn, 21st Century Pictures Group

"That was really nice. A great read." Richard, Actor

"(This) had the sensibility of and read very much like Pixar's shorts." Brian Alexander - Artfire Films

Orange with Envy

Orange with Envy
Short Story or Screenplay: 8-10 minutes

Status: For Sale

Tagline: John loves his pumpkins more than anything else in the world, but not if Martha can help it.


Cricket Song
Short Screenplay
Science Fiction / Period (1935) - (6 pages)

Status: For Sale

Logline: When the crickets halt their song, George takes notice.


Send Out the Clowns

Short Screenplay
Comedy - (9 pages)

Status: For Sale

Logline: 5 clowns. No love.

Reader Comments:

"Very witty." - Station 12 Films


GO TO 10
Short Screenplay Treatment
Comedy/Drama (Potentially 20 pages)

Status: For Sale

Logline: Love is blind between two brothers.

Synopsis: Roger would like nothing more than to see his bully of a brother, Frank, dead. And now, Roger has a chance to make it happen.

"Go to 10" refers to the programming language BASIC and the film is set in 1980.


Headcase #9

Status: SOLD

Synopsis: Acts 26:1-32 reinvented to engage the audience's senses instead of dull them.

Reader comments :

"Phenomenal." - Associate Pastor, Myrtle Lake Baptist Church


Ice Box Willy


Status: In revision

Synopsis: You accidentally cut off one guy's head and they excommunicate you from Earth. Dr. Samuel knows this first hand.
Or rather, first head.

(This is a 40 minute short screenplay)


Gasoline vs Caffeine
Commercial Spot

Status: For Sale

Description: A humorous comparison between gasoline and a leading caffeinated drink. Script content is applicable to any carbonated or coffee based ultra-caffeinated beverage. This spot would make an excellent entry to any caffeinated drink contest via YouTube.


Winter in Summerland
Graphic Novel
Young Adult/Adventure/Science Fiction

Status: For Sale
One Sheet Available

Logline:  A brother and sister must stop the next nuclear war.

Synopsis: Summerland is the destination for the who’s who of South Carolina. However, to Gretchen and Michael, it’s a land of cloned houses and plastic people.

Missing the haunts of Detroit, Gretchen and her brother stray too far in their search for the unusual and discover the entire neighborhood of Summerland is a cover for a newly developed nuclear missile complex owned by a foreign company. 

Michael is kidnapped by the proprietors of the complex and it is up to Gretchen and her neighbor Harold to rescue Michael and let the world know they’re on the doorstep of the next nuclear war.

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